"La ment creativa és un do sagrat i la ment racional un servent fidel. Per això resulta molt curiós que hàgim creat una societat que, oblidant el do, hagi acabat honorant al servent" Albert Einstein

How to paint Easter Eggs

On Tuesday 10th April, the GRANS painted chicken´s egg as a celebration for Easter.

To prepare an egg for decorating, you must:

  • With a pin / needle, create a hole in the top and bottom of the egg. Make sure the bottom hole is a little larger than the top one (so the inside can come out easily).
  • Insert a cocktail stick through the bottom hole. W¡iggle it around to break up the middle of the egg – the yolk and egg white.
  • Place a straw over the top hole and blow into it. The inside of the egg should come out of the bottom hole.
  • Once all the inside has come out, wash and dry the egg.
  • The egg is now ready for painting!

Here are some more ideas for decorating the egg.

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