"La ment creativa és un do sagrat i la ment racional un servent fidel. Per això resulta molt curiós que hàgim creat una societat que, oblidant el do, hagi acabat honorant al servent" Albert Einstein

Building a Paper Mache Piggy Bank


  • Paper mache glue – flour, water, salt
  • Balloon
  • Strips of newspaper
  • Card: white + black for eyes, white for ears and legs
  • Selotape
  • Bottle top (for the nose)
  • Sharpe knife
  • Glue
  • Paint, paint brushes, paint pallet etc.




  1. First, we each blew up a balloon.
  2. Second, we used a template to cut two eyes and two ears from the card.
  3. Third, we used card to make four legs. We stuck them onto the balloon with selotape.
  4. Next, we made the paper mache glue. We used a spoon to mix one part flour with one part water in a bowl. We added a little salt – to preserve it.
  5. We dipped strips of newspaper into the glue and covered the balloon. We let it dry overnight.
  6. We stuck the nose onto the body and covered it with more layers of paper, leaving it to dry between each layer.
  7. We used a sharp knife to cut a hole into the top of the pigs´ body. This is where we will put our money!
  8. We popped the balloon with a pencil and took it out from the inside.
  9. We used the glue gun to stick the ears on the piggy bank.
  10. Afterwards, we paint the pigs in different colour and patterns!
  11. Lastly, we used the glue gun to stick the eyes on the pig!


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